HVAC Seismic Engineering


A Pictorial Study of Seismic Damage

On an early January morning in 1994, the Northridge area of Southern California was shaken by an earthquake that measured 6.6 on the Richter scale and lasted approximately 30 seconds. The repercussions are still being felt throughout the engineering community.

Seismic Specification Application Drawings

Seismic Applications are basically the same as Non Seismic but complicated by the need to keep equipment in place. Whenever we show our Z-1011 heavily cushioned snubbers, the input to the equipment will not exceed 4 G. All mountings, hanger-cables or snubbers are designed to resist the seismic force in any zone or specification....

Explanation & Instructions for the use of Complete Seismic HVAC Engineering Specifications

Introduction to Seismic Vibration Control Specifications for Office Buildings, Colleges, Hospitals, Theaters and similar structures. To The Specifying Engineer:.....

Complete Seismic HVAC Engineering Specifications

All mechanical equipment, piping and ductwork as noted on the equipment schedule or in the specification shall be mounted on vibration isolators to prevent the transmission ofvibration and mechanically transmitted sound to the building structure.....