Filtration Products


Part of Intercool’s mission statement is to provide engineered solution for sustainable and LEED buildings. Energy saving is primary focus for all engineers and designers to minimize energy usage in buildings. InterCool provides perfect solutions to reduce energy consumptions in building structures. Reducing outdoor air requirement by 65-70% and maintaining required indoor air quality according to Ashrae 62 standard is proper solutions that all building owners should consider.

Intercool provide filtration system to reduce outdoor air requirements, this could include Bi-Polar Ionization, Carbon filters, UV lights, high efficiency synthetic filters and other combinations of filters depending on the application. We also provide industries filtration for oil and gas applications and kitchen filtration.



 Global Plasma Solutions, USA

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  • Bi-Polar Ionization for ducts, AHUs, and FCUs
  • GPS Retro Fusion Permanent Ion Tube
  • Filtration systems for indoor air quality
  • Ceiling mounted or Floor mounted Air Handlers. Options include pre filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, UVC light,titanium di oxide plates, plenum supply fan, modulating supply diffusers & wireless remote control
  • Carbon/Chemical Filters
  • GPS Diesel Oxidation Catalyst


SagiCofim , Italy

Manufacturer of Industrial Filters, bomb and shelter technology protection equipment:

  • Explosion protection blast valves
  • Gas filters NBC
  • Chemical Filters
  • Inertia Filters
  • Industrial Fire Dampers