Pipe Stress analysis and design of Steel Structural Supports for MEP service

Very often pipe distribution network requires pipe stress analysis to determine loads, forces, and stress on pipe support systems and to make sure that pipes are not over stressed according to required codes and standards.

InterCool/ Mason Industries provides design service to carry out pipe stress analysis for all services; Chilled Water, Hot water, Cold water, Steam, all fluid systems. We use different pipe analysis software such as ALGORE, CAEPIPE, and CEASAR. Modeling of piping distribution system including location of support, guides, and anchors is done first to determine location of over stressed pipe. Introduce expansion joints or other components to reduce pipe stresses. Study considers normally three cases; dead weight, dead weight and pressure, dead weight pressure and thermal.

Once loads and forces are determined at each supports, guides, and anchors; InterCool provide steel structure design for piping system in Energy Transfer Stations (ETS),chiller rooms, piping distribution network which required steel structure support elements. Design of steel structure would be according to required building codes and standards. We take the output from stress analysis and design steel structure.

InterCool provides Professional Indemnity Insurance for all designs.