Seismic restraint for non-structural components

InterCool is a regional provider of engineering services, consulting services and restraint system components for nonstructural seismic bracing. Specializing in the healthcare, industrial, and commercial construction markets. Our entire focus is on providing Building code compliant solutions that are both cost effective and construction friendly. Our services and solutions are specific to MEP & Fire fighting building utility systems. InterCool’s services are available to supplement the specialized needs of the design construction team or simply act as a standalone seismic bracing engineer of record for the project. All designs and solutions are stamped by a Professional Engineer specialized in this field.

InterCool’s sole discipline is the design of nonstructural seismic restraints, which has enabled us to gain a tremendous amount of experience and expertise complimented by smooth execution efficiency. Together with Mason Industries we are constantly upgrading our products and services based on changing building codes, industry standards and feedback from the installing contractors. In order to streamline our services, InterCool archives our engineering, details and solutions for easy recall. This approach removes the redundancy of engineering the most common situations, and has become the standard for many engineers and contractors having to deal with the requirements of International Building Codes. With many projects completed and archived at our fingertips, we can quickly and cost effectively provide you the solution you need to meet the requirements and pass the scrutiny of inspection and engineering review.

InterCool provides services from project bid and pre-construction thru post installation walks with the inspection authorities and all aspects in between. With specific emphasis on reducing labor costs, InterCool will become an extension of your project staff.

Manufacturer: Mason Industries, USA, Thailand

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