Managing Director Message

In the last two decades construction industries has gone through a lot of improvement in the Middle East especially in the Gulf region. These changes and improvements are due to the open global market, higher energy cost, and demand for quality and sustainable buildings. Established and the expansion of new construction markets in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia has made this change possible. New construction ideas and concepts have been adopted in the construction industries such as District cooling, Green Building Initiative, and Sustainable design which have led to adopting and enforcing International Building Codes and standards.

InterCool is dedicated to provide engineered products/system with technical HVAC solutions that combine comfort with energy efficiency. We bring proper design and application of products/systems to contribute to sustainable building construction such as seismic design and certifications for non structural components based on International codes and standards.

Intercool's sole discipline is to provide engineering, design, products, and after sales services to consultants, contractors and building owners. InterCool combines regional construction market requirement for quality products and engineered system with top leading manufacturers of HVAC products.

M. Bassel Anbari,P.E.

Managing Director
Falcon Chapter President (2005-07)