Vibration and Noise Control products

InterCool provides engineered solutions and systems to minimize and eliminate vibration and noise transmission to building structure generated by electromechanical equipment. our focus is in vibration isolation of Chillers, cooling towers, pumps, generators, Air Handling Units, Fans and blowers, electric generators, transformers...Etc. provide calculations, studies, drawings, supply of material, supervision of installation and testing and commissioning of vibration efficiencies. We study and engineer complete system applying and selecting proper vibration isolators and pipe flexible connectors to achieve specified level of isolation according to Ashrae Standards and guidelines.

Isolating airborne noise generated from electro mechanical equipment by designing and applying floating walls, floating floors, and floating ceilings. Carry out sound measurement and provide detailed reports. Our services and solutions are specific to MEP equipments and systems for commercial and industrial applications.

We study and engineer complete system applying, selecting proper vibration isolators, pipe flexible connectors, floating floor, walls and ceilings to achieve specified level of vibration and noise isolation according to Ashrae Standards and Guidelines.

Manufacturer: Mason Industries, USA, Thailand

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  • Spring and Rubber Vibration Hangers
  • Spring and Rubber Vibration Mounts
  • Inertia Bases
  • Flexible connectors
  • Isolated Roof Curbs
  • Pipe riser spring support systems
  • Elastomeric Pipe Flexible Connectors
  • Stainless Steel Pipe flexible connectors